OLLI Lectures


Each week a different Du Bois scholar will explore aspects of the Great Barrington-born activist's life and times, including his relationship with his hometown, the NAACP, the Harlem Renaissance, civil rights and Pan African movements, and the American Communist party, as well as examining works such as The Souls of Black Folk and Black Reconstruction.

The six lectures in this series, co-sponsored by the Town of Great Barrington, are curated and moderated by Randy F. Weinstein (Du Bois Center) and Gwendolyn VanSant (Multicultural BRIDGE).

Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed 

OLLI Lecture: W.E.B. Du Bois: A Man For All Times, January 19th, 2018

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Dr. Francisca Oyogoa 

olli Lecture: DU bois: Whiteness and Intersectionality

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Eric Foner

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Justin Jackson

OLLi Lecture: Memory's Veil

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Randy Weinstein And Daniel Saman

OLLI LECTURE: The Voice of Time

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Reiland Rabaka (umass Guest Lecturer)

Olli Lecture: W.e.b. Du bois reflections on his life legacy, 1868-2018

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Thank you to Bard College at Simon's Rock for the recordings that make it available to the public!